We serve an extensive breakfast buffet in the restaurant or on the patio between 9AM and 10AM.
At our buffet you will find fresh cut fruit, homemade jams and salads and a wide selection of meat products and cheese.
Every day accompanied by freshly squeezed orange juice, a croissant, coffee / tea and, of course, an egg of your choice.

We offer a small lunch menu between 14.00PM and 15.30PM.

-  Tosti ham/cheese + salad
-  Focaccia a-ti + salad
-  Salad a-ti
-  Special of the day

We'd love to hear from you at breakfast if you would like us to prepare one of our snacks for you.


Dinner is served minimum 5 nights per week in the restaurant of on the patio.
We serve a 5-course meal including appetizer, starter, sober, main course, desert, water and coffee/tea.
All our dishes are freshly prepared and in-house cooked with love and passion.
We have a wine list with some lovely regional wines for you to try.

Price: as of 34.50 € p.p.



Several cold and hot drinks and local refreshments are available 24 hours at democratic prices.
A wine list is at your disposal with a choice of local wines.
Consumption and/or storage of your own food and drink is not permitted.