Unfortunately, these bizarre times require extra measures. Even though it has never been our intention to record all kinds of rules and agreements as this does represent the welcome effect we have in mind, we cannot and do not want to do otherwise. Taking care of our guests also means guaranteeing your safety as well as possible. These measures are mainly to reassure you and to protect our common health. We want you to know that we have thought about everything carefully.

We are the last house in a village of only 24 residents and our house is surrounded by nature. The chance of contracting the virus here is therefore very small. We ourselves do everything to respect all measures and at the same time let you leave with a very relaxing feeling.

Many touristic attractions are also surrounded by nature such as Las Médulas or a part of the route towards Santiago de Compostella. The cities here are rather small-scale and not as big as Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Madrid. Largest city in the immediate proximity is León and this is the city which also attracts the most tourists. Here you need to be a bit more alert or choose not to visit if that is more reassuring.

If you are wondering what happens if someone is gets infected, please know that we a doctor here in our town, an emergency specialist practice in Astorga (8 km) and a University Medical Center in León with helicopter transport from Astorga for the most urgent cases.

This following explanation is primarily to reassure you and not to deter you, In our town of 9 villages not one person has been infected and the infection rate across the whole region of 2.5 million inhabitants was between 0, 5 and 1%. 


  • Daily thorough cleaning of all rooms according to general terms and conditions imposed by the Junta de Castilla y León
  • Door handles are disinfected several times a day
  • Keys are disinfected before they are handed over and remain in your possession until the end of your stay
  • Disposable mouth masks are available. However, we recommend that you bring your own face masks.
  • Disposable gloves are available
  • Disinfectant alcohol gel is provided in various places in our B&B (entrance porch, communal hallway to swimming pool, restaurant and honesty bar)
  • Small bottle of disinfectant alcohol gel is provided per room for outdoor use
  • Extra blankets or pillows are removed from the rooms and are available on request
  • All our rooms are equipped with floor tiles and laminate, which makes them maintenance-friendly and hygienic


  • Minimum distance of 1,5M between each table
  • Cleaning of the restauarant area after each use (breakfast + dinner)
  • Disinfection of chairs and tables after and before each use
  • Table service by using gloves and mouth mask
  • During breakfast there will be no buffet but we will serve individual breakfast at each table. We will work with an order form that must be completed the night before.
  • Alcohol gel available in restaurant area for use of guests (compulsory use when entering the room)
  • Food preparation is done with sufficient attention to hygiene and the use of gloves during cooking
  • We provide signalization with regard to imposed measures (keep distance + wash hands)
  • Contact details doctor and first aid are available


  •  Sufficient space between deckchairs (> 1.5m). Our garden is about 400m² so there is plenty of room for a 25m² swimming pool and 10 deckchairs.
  • Shower provided in the garden. Mandatory to use before entering the pool.
  • Towels are provided and required to use on deckchairs.
  • Alcohol gel available for hand disinfection
  • Umbrellas are disinfected on a regular basis.
  • Personal deckcharis and umbrella per room
  • Limited number of people in pool at the same time (observe 1.5m distance)
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the measures we apply.